Dishonest Trailer – Indie Short

I am pleased to finally be allowed to share this trailer of a film I worked on recently, in the camera and sound departments. The project was bought to life by a wealth of on-screen talent including IGA WYRWAL, KIRK BROMLEY and KEV WALDER. A meticulous production team lead by director JOHN RYAN have be able to bring together an intriguing piece of indie film that has the feel of a much larger budget production . All of this topped off by an incredible original score by GRACE ALDERSTEIN.

Dishonest has already been screened at the Rugby Festival of Culture 2019 and at screening event at the popular venue Inside the 22. The stylish film is hoped to receive further recognition on the UK and foreign festival circuits.

This trailer has been released in anticipation of further festival recognition and screenings, in addition to the showings Dishonest had prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown.

For updates on future screenings and festival inclusion keep checking DISHONESTTHEMOVIE.COM

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