I have worked on a varied number of projects and with clients from many different sectors, all with a wide range of budgets;

JEH-Lasers Ltd (2020) 

Video Editor

Katie Marshall Classical Singer Charity Concert 

Camera Operator

Below Above (In Development and Pre-Production)

Experimental Short

Writer/Director/Producer/Camera Operator

Properteas Promo’s (2017/2018 – Pre-Production and Development)

Promotional Web Videos

The Revolution in Shared Services Technology (2017/2018 – In Development and Pre-Production) 

Online Video

Producer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor

Dishonest (2016/2018)

Drama Short

Sound/Boom Operator/Assistant Camera

Rugby World Cup Proud Home (2015)

B Roll for News/Media Outlets

Sound/Boom Operator

John Wycliffe: The Beginning of the Great Reformation (In Development)

Independent Production for Television and DVD


Hookworm (2011)

Music Promo Video

Writer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor

Menphys Walk Promo (2011)

Event Promo Film

Camera Operator/Editor

Hampton Court (2011)

Music Promo Video

Writer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor

Cllr Bill Piper Promo (2011)

Promotional Video

Writer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor

Menphys Tandem Sky Dive (2010)

Event Coverage Film

Camera Operator/Editor

Music Festival Documentary Project (2010)

Independent Film Project

Camera Operator

London Marathon (2010)

Event Coverage Film (Menphys)

Camera Operator

Photo shoot – Jaguar X K Coupe (2010)

Magazine Article

Principle Photographer

Daybreak Communications (2008)

Various Training Films

Camera Operator/Post-Production

Whittle On (2008)


Director/Writer/Producer/Camera Operator/Editor

Hobo (2007)

Drama Short

Writer/Director/Camera Operator/Producer

Connexions Promotional Video (2007)

Promotional video for Connexions


JML Commercials and Product Demonstration Films (2007)

Various roles including production assistant/camera operator/editor

Bowling for Success (2007)

Documentary Short

Camera Operator

Tryst (2006)

Romantic Comedy (Short)

Camera Operator, Director of Photography

One of Life’s Players (2005)

Experimental Short

Writer, Director, Producer

Now is the Time (2005)


Camera Operator, Production Co-ordinator

Matutinus (2004)

Documentary Feature

Writer, Director. Producer

Israel/Eilat Project (2003)

Documentary Feature for Life TV

Production Co-ordinator

The Vicar of ASDA (November 2003 – December 2003)

Documentary for Life TV


Rough Guide to Budapest (February 2002)

Documentary/Travel Guide

Second Unit Camera Operator

Duke of Edinburgh Fire Service Section (August 2002)

Promotional Video

Camera Operator/Editor

Britland UK Rally (2001)

Promotional Film

Camera Operator