Festival Success

It is with great pleasure to announce the recent news of that Dishonest, i film a worked on prevoiusly, is to be included at a horror film festival in 2021.

Dishonest, directed by John Ryan has been selected for inclusion at the Horror-on-Sea festival in May 2021.

More details will be published as they are announced.

Dishonest Trailer – Indie Short

I am pleased to finally be allowed to share this trailer of a film I worked on recently, in the camera and sound departments. The project was bought to life by a wealth of on-screen talent including IGA WYRWAL, KIRK BROMLEY and KEV WALDER. A meticulous production team lead by director JOHN RYAN have be able to bring together an intriguing piece of indie film that has the feel of a much larger budget production . All of this topped off by an incredible original score by GRACE ALDERSTEIN.

Dishonest has already been screened at the Rugby Festival of Culture 2019 and at screening event at the popular venue Inside the 22. The stylish film is hoped to receive further recognition on the UK and foreign festival circuits.

This trailer has been released in anticipation of further festival recognition and screenings, in addition to the showings Dishonest had prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown.

For updates on future screenings and festival inclusion keep checking DISHONESTTHEMOVIE.COM

Covid-19 Outbreak

In a similar fashion to many other production outfits DGH will be halting all location filming until the Covid-19 situation improves. We are still able to help with video editing, or work remotely on the pre-production and development of projects. We wish good health and peace upon our clients, fellow filmmakers, artists and media professionals.

UK Film Locations seek house for filming cooking series

“I need a house like this for 10 days filming in June 2012 for series 2 of a cooking series! Needs to be within 30 miles Milton Keynes and have a large kitchen. PAID, INSURED, CONTRACTED HIRE (Temporary Owner relocation required and will be paid for by production company).

The first series was filmed by this highly reputable production company at the property shown, and was a very successful shoot with no major issues to resolve afterwards.”


Super8 Cravings

Its been a while since I have worked with the wonderful medium of Super8. This lovely, stylish format loans itself well too indepedent film and music video productions. I have a basic kit available, suited for most sizes of production. If your project might benefit from the nostelgic look of Super8 film, get in touch, I would love to hear your ideas.

Dishonest short film, next screening

Dishonest is a short film that I collaborated on, contributing with some audio and camera work. It is an indie project which many others worked incredibly hard to bring to completion.Bought to life by independent filmmaker John Ryan, Dishonest was filmed on location around Rugby, Warwickshire. The production would not have been possible without the talent of local creatives, both in front of and behind the camera.The next screening of Dishonest is Wednesday 6th November 2019, 8pm at INSIDE THE 22, 2 LAWRENCE SHERIFF STREET, RUGBY, CV22 5EJ

For FREE tickets email DishonestMovieGuest@Gmail.com

Late nights scripting Below above

Recently I have been busy working on finishing the script for my new experimental short Below above.

The short experimental film Below above is an exploratory piece that shows the world from a different perspective. The film will be of no more than five minutes in duration giving a thought provoking perception on the world and the pressures from environmental, financial, war, political and other such issues inflicted on humans.

Below above will look upon the world from Below above. Portrayed from a unique, extremely low, vertical angle. We will be shooting Below above using small discreet digital camera systems, Below above will be a collective of moving images depicting the daily grind of modern day life.

I am looking forward to commencing filming process of this project, as it has taken a while to get to this stage. I have a small team of fellow artists working with me on the project, however we all have other freelance commitments which sometimes have to take precedence.

At a later stage, I will be seeking a musical collaboration. I am interested in working with solo artists, bands, and DJs. We are looking for an original score to be intertwined with wildtrack and soundbites. If any musician, agent or publisher would like to get involved with Below above, please do get in touch.